Guerrilla Phrasebook

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First of all, to rid the confusion: “Guerrilla” is the Spanish and English spelling. In Swedish it’s “gerilla” and in Danish it’s “guerilla”.

Guerrilla: Originally it’s the spanish word for an unofficial army, or resistance. The present day meaning of the word covers only the inspiration from guerrillas: Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

Guerrilla Law: Pretending not knowing that you should’ve asked for a permission, knowing that you didn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell getting it, and knowing that the consequences are acceptable to you. Also known as “The 11th commandment”.

Guerrilla Marketing / Guerrilla Advertising: Cheap, funny, and creative advertising in surprising ways or places. If it’s sufficiently funny, people will tend to tell their mates about it, offline or online.

Guerrilla StartUp: To start a business with the means you have available here and now, and the cheapest services you can find online, for invoicing, website etc. The healthy idea of actually testing your product, and have an actual customer base, and get some actual experience, before you try to attract investments.

Guerrilla Shop: Another name for a pop-up shop; a shop in an abandoned location, in a row-boat, etc.

Guerrilla Party: A more-or-less spontaneous party, on a location definitely not established with festivities in mind, like a laundromat.

Guerrilla Economy: Also known as peer-2-peer (p2p), Guerrilla Economy is transactions where people can find each other online – often by using an App – to trade goods and services directly. This could be renting a private apartment, chauffeur service, micro investments etc. Guerrilla Economy also utilises the present day technological option to have ie. books printed on demand, one at a time, or selling music without ever making a physical media.

Guerrilla Living: To build a house, or furnish an apartment, by using recycled/upcycled materials, pallets, fleemarked bargains etc. Some times Guerrilla Living aims at living off grid, with self provided electricity, water supply, waste water cleansing, and so on.

Guerilla Gardening: To create gardens – for food, for joy, or to make a political statement  – where gardens are not originally intended, ie. rooftops, intersections, boats, trunks, etc.

Guerrilla Art: Non-destructive Street Art. It could be stickers or posters, or knitted artwork on trees or lamp posts. In rare cases grafitti is considered Guerrilla Art. In most cases it’s not, since it’s usually destructive, but misanthropic constructions, like the new border wall between USA and Mexico, are definitely legit’ targets. So are the Israeli settlements in the Palestinian territories, and the Israeli border wall. 

Guerrilla Food / Guerrilla Meal: To make an Instagram approved meal of whatever leftovers you can find in the fridge, after a week eating cheap takeaway.

Guerrilla Zoo: Setting up a temporary fence around animals in the wild, and charge an entrance fee to let people look at the animals. That’s usually not funny. It’s funny if it’s a lid from a saucepan you use to cover a small anthill, in the sidewalk, and you charge the other kids a fiver to glance at the little suckers.

Guerrilla Trooper: A person who can aid you getting started with one of the above.

Guerrilla Comandante: A person who can aid you getting started with any or all of the above. That’s me! 😉

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