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Guerrilla Marketing, Guerrilla launch And A Shitload Of Other Really Weird Stuff Company Inc.

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Guerrilla marketing, conceptual advertising, visual identity, graphic design and campaign development, from the local pizzeria, and rock bands to organizational under the UN — from Nuuk, in the Polar Sea, to Nouméa, in the Pacific.

Guerrilla launch is all the good tips for starting a business.
It is primarily for those who are ready to smell a bit like chipboard and panic.

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The Perfect Website with WordPress will teach you how to create your online presence, including website, social media, SEO etc. The book is free in PDF-format.

Hasse Hassan Sørensen

The dude behind all this 

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In the Danish and Swedish languages a lot more information is found about books I write and projects for new business owners, but they aren’t translated to English, and presumably never will be. So here’s your incitement to learn a new language.


Guerrilla Phrasebook

Get to know all the guerrilla terms: Guerrilla Law, Guerrilla Advertising, Guerrilla StartUp, Guerrilla Shop, Guerrilla Party, Guerrilla Economy, Guerrilla Living, Guerrilla Gardening, Guerilla Food, etc.

Hasse 'Hassan' Sørensen

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