Guerrilla StartUP

Guerrilla launch is to start a shop, or any other kind of business, with the resources you have available here and now.
Wise people will say you have to make a big financial investment, but wise people probably have more patience than you, too.

My advice is: Act now – think later!

At the same time, I can give you a lot of tips and tricks to get a webshop, credit card terminal, invoicing and bookkeeping, and everything else boring, for less than 100 euro.
So what are you waiting for?

Get some experience and customers before looking for investors, and renting expensive premises.
Guerrilla launches can be a store or a craft shop in your garage, in a bicycle or in the trunk of your car, or a whole service business in a bag.

Since the website I made about guerrilla launches are only in Danish and Swedish, you – who live in any other country – can contact me to get personalised advice about how to get started.

For inspiration; here’s how to make a free website ->

Examples of Guerrilla Launches:

“Street food” in a rowboat by the beach in Hornbæk, Denmark
(since it is not legal to sell food on the beach but legally few meters on the water!) (Madpiraten)

A plumbing company in Stockholm, which only carries on Christiania bikes. (Cyklande Rörmokaren)

A tattoo artist and a piercer moved into the two free chairs of a hair salon.

A coffee shop in Copenhagen has only small Italian coffee mopeds. (Kalles Kaffe)

A cafe in a window frame. (Manleys Vindue)

An art gallery in – and around – a window to the street.

A pop-up art gallery in a laundromat.

A music festival on an empty piece of land under a bridge. (Bas under buen)

A complete graphic design – or auditory business – in a backpack.

Street food in a christiania bike, van or caravan.

A clothing store in a shipping container.

A home-to-yourself tattoo artist. – especially suitable for tattoos that require uncomfortable nudity …